Kelly –

Meals & More has been a great investment in our family’s household budget, and nutrition. The meals have a great variety with loads of things we haven’t tried before, and there is loads of flexibility to tailor the menu provided around our weekly schedule. We can choose the day we “start” the week’s menu from to suit our budget/pay day for collecting our groceries. We are stoked to be supporting a local business and are buzzed to see what deliciousness Holly comes up with when the summer produce arrives. 


Candice –

Fantastic meal variety and delicious food. Great way to organise meals for the week.


Brenda –

As a Family we would Totally Recommend Meals & More. Stress free Meal times as I’m more organised because I know what I’m cooking for the week. I was a boring cook! Sticking to the same meals! I would always be rushing home from work or kids acitvities so had no time to cook different dinners! Now I’m actually enjoying cooking! My Husband and Children are loving the variety and yummy flavours at meal time. My grocery bill is a lot cheaper too! Thanks Meals & More



Debra –

We have completed six months of Meals & More and it has been amazing for our family. There have been so many benefits some big and some small. First of all I love having the thought process done for e when it comes to meal planning and the fact that these are based on the specials is a great bonus. I have found we have less food waste because we are buying exactly how much we need for our meals. The whole family have enjoyed trying new and exciting foods. Also I have never been a passionate cook but have found the recipes easy to follow and I have started to really enjoy getting into the kitchen. The menus have been nutritious and we love the variety in foods and trying things we haven’t before.Most months we either spent less or pretty much the same. We have so many new family favourites I revisit old recipes all the time. It’s given us fresh ideas, new flavours, saves time, saves waste and saves money and given me a love of making food for my family. Thank you Holly Meals & More has made dinner time especially a fun time where the kids are trying new foods and eating well.

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